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The Heavenly Total Reboot program is a holistic makeover of lifestyle habits. It encompasses many areas of life and Holistic Wellness. We believe that this program might be of special interest to people who experienced a major shift in their personal or professional life and who are now able to devote their time and effort to their own needs. Indeed, this program might be appealing to individuals who, perhaps for the first time in their life, are placing their own health and wellness needs ahead the needs of others or the demands inflicted on them by their job. Please become familiar with our blog Total Reboot Program to see how this program was created.

The program entails a detailed assessment of your life and current lifestyle particulars through a collaborative discussion. You will meet your Coach and partner for your transformation journey. With your vision of you in your new life, the couch will support you in transforming your lifestyle habits into the healthy ones. This will happen by you co-creating with your Holistic Health Coach your own Wellness Path and several bite-size SMART GOALS. You will step onto your Wellness Path and start making steps to accomplish these goals, one by one or few at the same time.  This process will be both exciting and challenging. You are likely to benefit from synergistic effects of changes ongoing in your own body and mind. These SMART goals are likely to be entwinned together as human body-mind-soul are all connected. Work on your goal from one area of wellness like SLEEP will benefit your energy level, and you will do better with your physical activity. By becoming more active with your exercise, you will sleep better, and also might start losing excessive, unwanted body weight. When fueling your body and your brain with nutritious healthy foods you indeed might start changing your body, feel much better about yourself and your life, and start enjoying YOU more and more. With a shift towards self-compassion, a shift towards self-love will come and that will enhance your efforts in moving on. In time, you are likely to experience overall improvement in your perception of wellness in general, and possibly in all wellness areas. You will learn new skills and develop new healthy lifestyle habits. And you will continue to see your changes.

For those putting effort into making their transformation journey, the new healthy lifestyle habits will kick in soon with their benefits. People around you could even be the first who will notice your own increased confidence, radiant skin and will feel your growing energy level you are emanating. How will you feel noticing it? What about your own observation in a mirror seeing a relaxed, smiling and happy person? You may soon be in a need for new clothes, new friends and new peers you will want to share the time with, to be around those who practice the same new lifestyle you are doing now.  Your work will be rewarded by your own rising happiness and satisfaction that you did it!  How long will one need to graduate from this Program? As this is the most comprehensive lifestyle modification program, it will take perhaps 6-12 months to have you comfortably “running” on your own Wellness Path. And you will be able to master your lifestyle behavior habits as long as you live. The Goodness of Life never ends!

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