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Our Holistic Coaching Style


For us, the Holistic Wellness Coaches, our holistic coaching style is at the core of our practice. We started our work in 2000 in Alberta in a health and wellness clinic. Paul was a Physician and Christina was a Health Coach and Health Educator. They were working together with three excellent, holistic Registered Dieticians. This was in our Harmony Medical Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.  A spiritual concept of what is important in life for health was conceived by Dr. Paul Zakrzewski, MD, now a retired Family Physician. The 5 Hs concept used in the spiritual model of Health, are Harmony, Hope, Healing and Happiness.

Make Lifestyle Changes

In our Logo, the Coach, represented by a dark silhouette, is a guide on the side. As a guide the coach with full empathy and with undivided attention, empowers the Client. The client is represented by a white silhouette. This empowerment is to make lifestyle changes needed. The Coach guides the Client through a nonjudgmental discussion in a sacred safe space held for the Client. The Client gets to understand her/his own circumstances including a perspective on their own health. This perspective delves into the health needs in the past, present and in the future.

With this knowledge and after co-creating an action plan for lifestyle behavioral modification, the Client develops ability, know-how and motivation. That is at the heart of our holistic coaching style. This ability, know-how and motivation is to move forward, to make suitable changes in their own lifestyle and stay on course. The Client is in the ‘driver’s seat’ as the Client is an expert about their own life, circumstances and needs. Indeed, it is the Client who holds the compass navigating through deep and shallow waters of their own life. This is the journey of working with the Coach to find the roots of the problems and following the coaches holistic coaching style. These are problems the client came to the Health Coach with. They then work in a health partnership and Coach is a trusted companion in the Client’s transformation journey.


In our Logo, the CHANGE is represented in two ways. First by a triangle encompassing the Client. Second in a shape of the Greek letter “DELTA”. Delta means change. The Delta triangle forms a safe space for the Client who now has courage and determination for the journey. The Client moves on into the Future and makes the lifestyle changes as outlined in the action plan co-created with the Coach.


Harmony is represented by the largest star near the peak of the Delta Triangle of Life Transformation shown in our Logo. When Harmony (popularly known as “balance”) is lost in someone’s life, the Health suffers. The Health is represented by the HEALTH star seen in the Logo near the Client’s head, just below the Harmony star. The Health star is less bright when health suffers.


The Client upon identifying her/his health problems and a need for making changes, gets energy to make a change in lifestyle from the star of HOPE. The star of Hope is seen in our Logo being gently tucked by the head of the Client and below the stars of Harmony and Health.


With Hope giving motivation to the Client for Making a Change through spiritual energy, the HEALING takes place. The Healing process is represented by a Star of Healing positioned close to the Coach who facilitates this process through a discussion with the Client.  The Client, upon moving forward and starting her/his journey towards Health and Wellness, is getting healthier, feeling better and realizes that the changes in lifestyle work for him.  More and more shine and glow come from the Health star and the Client seeing it gets even more motivated to continue the journey to recover the harmony in health and life.


The last of the 5 stars, the Star of Happiness, is depicted in our logo as the star closest to the Client’s heart. The star of Happiness emanates its energy to the Client who reaches the full benefits of bodily, emotional and spiritual health. The Coach, appreciates the transformation the Client is going through, and emanates his or hers own positive energy feeding the brightness of all the stars. The large star of Harmony shares its Heavenly beauty and powers with the stars of Health, Hope, Happiness and Healing.

If needed, the cycle of health transformation can be repeated as shown in the above Celestial concept. And, no doubt, one can figure out why our company has the “Heavenly” in its name. The Stars are in the sky, Heaven is near and with Harmony restored in the Client’s life, all of this works like a charm, like a miracle. This is a journey for each Client with a Coach being a guide on a side to assist the Client in the transformation towards wellness and healthier life. Our holistic coaching style, with Harmony, Health, Hope, Healing and Happiness…for you.

For more information about holistic coaching styles please visit this website

Dr. W. Paul Zakrzewski, MD, PhD, RHC™, Family Physician [Ret.], ACE Certified Health Coach

Christina G. Benishin, PhD (Pharmacology), MS, MBA, RHC™, ACE Certified Health Coach, IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

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