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Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coaching


Hello! I’m Christina, one of the Heavenly Health and Holistic Wellness coaches, and we are dedicated to your success. We will help guide you through the experience of making positive life changes...

Our Very Own 5H's Concept


The 5H's is a spiritual concept of what is important in life for health. It was conceived by Coach Paul. Dr. Paul Zakrzewski, MD, now a retired Family Physician created the 5H Concept in 2000. The 5H's concept used in the spiritual model of health are Harmony, Hope, Healing and Happiness.


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We offer coaching for a variety of conditions. Each program is designed to provide maximum benefit towards a positive change in your lifestyle. Get compassionate help with conditions such as: weight issues, stress, sleep, lack of energy, menopause, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, and more...

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What Is A Holistic Health Coach?

Holistic Health Coach

With rapid ongoing changes in the world of Nutrition and Holistic Health, it is difficult to keep up with all the ongoing research in Coaching, Nutritional Sciences and Holistic Health.

The best holistic health and wellness coaches continue to refresh their knowledge and expand service offering, and this is what the coaches at HHHWC do.

Whether you are dealing with digestive problems, anxiety, weight gain or other health issues, you know how overwhelming it can be when one strives to continue be healthy.

With 70% of all chronic diseases being caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits, holistic health coaches offer us the chance to change a person’s life, tipping it towards wellness and happiness of life.

It is important to check someone’s professional credentials before trusting what they say, even if they have a cool-sounding title.

Anyone who has read few nutrition books or subscribes to a journal on healthy eating can describe themselves as a holistic health coach!

To be a good health coach requires many years of experience and in-depth study, something all the coaches at Heavenly Health and Wellness have.

Everyone can call themselves ‘a Coach’, but to develop mastery sometimes takes a lifetime. With work and passion, the enthusiastic coaches at the HHHWC are heading in this direction.

We learned how to build healthy lifestyle with a toolbox of nutritious food information, exercise and lifestyle practices. We never stop learning the best coaching techniques, and we continuously expand our horizons.

Some people have never heard of health coaches, or that there are people making a living as wellness professionals ready to change people’s lives by modifying their lifestyle habits. From Nutrition and helping people to exercise regularly, to dropping the unhealthy “vices”, we helppeople reach the wellness goals they did not believe possible.

If you believe you can do it, YOU WILL DO IT and we are here to support you in your transformation journey! Many people have a vague idea of what wellness experts are, however they are wondering if they are different from nutritionists or if they are legitimate.

Health Coaches understand these concerns. They also appreciate people’s personal struggles with complex life issues and symptoms experienced. Therefore, they take a HOLISTIC (= WHOLE) approach to support the entire person.

Upon making an assessment of one’s circumstances and condition(s), health coaches elicit from people their desired changes. Instead of prescribing a diet or a particular meal plan, health coaches adapt individual wellness approaches to the needs of their clients. They are supportive guides and wellness professionals who work with their clients to help them reach their goals.

This will bring to the clients a perception of well-deserved success, better health and feeling good about their dietary and other lifestyle changes. Wellness is measured in many ways, one of them is the perception of happiness.

The main objective of a Holistic Health Coach is to support their clients in the quest to live a healthy and happy life in general. This support is not limited to dietary changes but may touch on other areas of their life like physical activity, sleep quality and many others. The healthy diet alone is not enough to maintain a healthy life IF you live not in harmony in other areas of life. These are the aspects of wellness that are at the heart of our coaching services.

In contrast to other disciplines, holistic health coaches focus on the emotional, physical and spiritual health of their clients. With a clear understanding as to the complex connection between body, mind and soul, health coaches work with clients to co-created with them long-term solutions to improve the overall quality of life in all aspects.

The main method of accomplishing such a wellness goal is a SWITCH in lifestyle habits, from the unhealthy to the healthy ones and to bring harmony back into the life of people.

There are many modalities of practice applied in the wellness industry. A holistic wellness coach is a trusted companion in your transformation journey. Coaches do not prescribe drugs or diagnoses any diseases. They work by supporting you in your journey to emerge from it with modified healthy lifestyle habits.

The Coach co-creates, with you, individual behavior goals. The path chosen by you is your own personal path to wellness. The path to you feeling good about you and your personal happiness. The path you take with your holistic health coach is your personal path and may not be suitable for everyone.

With you recognizing the difference and transforming your lifestyle behavioral habits into the healthy ones, you can achieve internal harmony and holistic health.

Holistic health coaches understand the importance of a link between practicing healthy lifestyle and risk reduction for many chronic diseases. Your chances to continue healthy living are much improved when your lifestyle is healthy. With support from a health coach, you can prevent many problems arising from, and also improve, the conditions you had already developed.

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