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What is health and holistic wellness coaching?

Health Coaching, is a relatively new and rapidly expanding area of the Health and Wellness Industry. Because of this it is important to answer the question “What Is Holistic Coaching?”.

It involves a creative collaborative process in which a Client explores their circumstances, behaviours, and needs, guided by a Wellness Coach.

The Client discusses numerous issues pertinent to their health and with the Coach’s guidance identifies their roots, and sets goals and ways to reach them.

Health and Wellness Coaching is not a medical treatment, no conventional medications are prescribed, no medical advice or counseling takes place.

The Client discovers the roots of their problem(s), and the Coach, using evidence-based coaching techniques, guides the Client to replace one or more unhealthy habits with healthy habits.

This process improves their spiritual, physical and emotional health. Indeed, many Clients find their wellness bearings and start to live in harmony with their bodies, achieve happiness and good health.

Behavioral changes made by the Clients guided by their Health and Wellness Coaches are the reason for these positive changes.

Coaches are non-judgemental accountability partners.

How to describe the work of a Wellness Coach? It is a process for letting the Client find energy and enthusiasm to become empowered to see their own life and concerns through a new lens.

With the Coach’s assistance, Clients discover the roots of their problems and change their own behaviors until reaching a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Is this process an Art or Science? In our opinion Health and Wellness Coaching is an Art requiring an array of coaching skills and techniques, and a good understanding of the human body, physiology, psychology and lifestyle.

Nutrition and Exercise are perhaps two areas most often targetted in improving health.

However, a good Coach cannot forget about the complexity of human health, and links between spiritual, emotional and “physical” health, family, social and natural environment.

Perhaps the most valuable skill of the Coach is empathic listening, allowing the Client to explore areas of their life that may sometimes be difficult.

Please remember, our Coaches engage in a collaborative process, and do not instruct or direct Clients what to do.

Coaches unlock the potential within each person, and assist Clients in finding solutions, designing goals, and establishing and maintaining long lasting behavioural changes.

Our Coaches have completed outstanding certification programs, above and beyond 20+ years experience of each working in health related industry.

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