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The Coaching program to support people in their desire in improvement quality of their sleep and feeling rested starts with the assessment of sleeping habits. Our client who would like to benefit from our coaching undergoes an assessment of sleeping habits and other circumstances and factors that may affect quality of sleep. When the assessment is complete, a client is guided towards co-creating with our Coach behavioral goals presented in a simple achievable bite-size format.


As the Sleep is a complex issue, our coach, using a holistic approach, assists the client in reviewing other aspects of lifestyle like stress, exercise, consumption of alcoholic beverages etc. Thus, a set of goals for sleep improvement may include goals pertinent to behavior modifications of habits adversely affecting sleep. Should the coach and client identify that there might be a medical issue like presence of obstructive sleep apnea, the client will be referred to his physician for medical assessment and treatment of the condition as appropriate.  Health coaches do not offer a diagnosis or medical treatments for sleep disorders, and we do not prescribe sleep medication nor sleep aids or sleep apparatus like a CPAP machine.


We work with our clients on improving their sleep hygiene and developing healthy sleep habits. If the sleep problem is simple and behavior modifications needed are not entangled with other behavioral habits, the Coaching program might be contained in several weeks. When other factors modifiable by behavioral changes are involved, our coach may need to work with a client for a period of few months.





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