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Health Coaching for Nutrition is our Coaching Program dedicated to (1) offering our clients current information as to healthy, nutritious foods and meals, and (2) co-creating with the Clients customized SMART goals to develop healthy and sustainable behavioral habits for:

  • grocery shopping,
  • preparing meals in a healthy manner,
  • eating meals of good nutritional value,
  • healthy habits of food ingestion (sensible and mindful eating),
  • prevention of emotional eating,
  • portion control,
  • optimal eating in restaurants,
  • everyday hydration of the body.

In order to familiarize our clients with a simple but robust method to visualize how a balanced meal would look on a plate, we use tools from Canada’s New Food Guide and also from MyPlate developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

In addition, we provide our clients with cooking instruction, cooking demonstrations, and delicious healthy recipes. Healthy grocery tours and educating clients as to developing a skill of reading food product labels are our tools to assist the clients in making healthy food choices.

We work with our clients towards identifying their healthy eating and healthy nutrition goals, and upon co-creating these goals, we support clients in developing behavioral changes allowing the clients to accomplish the goals and to sustain healthy behaviors. We are excited to work with clients who want to implement a given balanced diet.  We support clients in developing healthy eating habits and culinary skills. We also support clients in developing skills pertinent to the selection of healthy foods, ordering meals in restaurants, and meal selection on holidays.

With a variety of proven healthy diets like the Mediterranean and DASH diets etc. our Coaches are comfortable working with the clients who follow these diets. We are familiar with excellent and healthy recipes and able to furnish them to our clients. The bulk of our attention is spent on improving our clients’ understanding of what a healthy nutritious meal is, what are the healthy choices and how to develop and cherish healthy habits listed above.  As most people live with their families and not alone, our coaching is directed to potentially benefit the entire family if possible, though we may coach one family member only.

We recognize that Health Coaches do not treat ailments and illnesses by making specific recommendations for the selection of “healing foods” nor provide clients with “meal plans”. We also do not prescribe food supplements or vitamins to people having specific mineral or vitamin deficiencies. These specific tasks are a domain of Registered Dieticians and Naturopathic Doctors and some mainstream Physicians with relevant expertise and training.  

With the planned expansion of our services, once our Team will be joined by a Holistic Nutritionist, we are looking forward to providing our clients with Holistic Nutritionist Counseling Services in the future.



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