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Health Coaching for Chronic Diseases


Heavenly path to wellness for people concerned about chronic diseases

With Health & Wellness Coaches becoming certified, well-trained and more knowledgeable insurance companies, employers and individual clients see the benefits arising from work of health coaches. Health coaches support clients to start acting and move forward with developing their personal health vision and actions plans addressing a pathway to reaching this vision. Coaches offer a non-judgemental space and provide all support needed to fire up internal motivation, grow client’s confidence to become resourceful and to reach full potential. This plays an immensely positive role in the client making steps towards lasting behavioral changes to prevent and/or optimize treatment of several chronic diseases. All of this helps to improve client’s health and make a shift toward more fulfilled life and well-being state.

Many major chronic diseases are related to lifestyle, and subsequently to the lifestyle habits practiced by a given person over many years. One can notice a premise from which one can gradually reduce a risk of a chronic disease or, after being diagnosed with it, improve management of this disease. This premise is a practicing healthy lifestyle habits and dropping the unhealthy ones, believed to contribute to the onset of a disease.



Regarding diabetes type 2, hypertension, dyslipidemias, excessive weight, and arthritis one can reduce the risk of developing them and/or improve management should one have one or more of these diseases. A Health Coach by working with a Client can assist in acquiring new healthy lifestyle habits pertinent to each disease. These behavioral habit changes are expected to work through addressing physical activity and diet. Your personal path to wellness will be created by you with your coach’s support! Upon establishing goals with your coach, you will be working toward making sustainable changes in your lifestyle like reaching one by one of your nutrition goals, exercise goals and so on. You move along your path to wellness.  The risks of developing a given chronic disease will be reduced and existing diseases will become more manageable.


How does all of this work? As your lifestyle modification path to wellness will include most or all of our basic programs mentioned above, please feel free to review them all.


Our Coach will be happy to work with you and your Family Physician under whose care you remain. If you are interested in discussing your particular situation and needs, please contact us below.


If you are not ready to book a discovery session but have some questions first please ask us by using the form below….

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