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We offer CORPORATE WELLNESS programs for business in Canada. With people spending a large portion of their days on their worksite there is a need to extend availability of their participation in health-promoting and wellness-oriented activities throughout a day. Even for those who attend a gym in their community (or in the peace and safety of their homes) AFTER their work, eat nutritious meals in a healthy manner, there is an immense need to bring wellness culture and habits to workplace. For most people, however, wellness programs in the workplace can be the only way to get ideas as to what is WELLNESS, what a healthy lifestyle is, and have access to health-promoting and wellness-creating activities! With millions of Canadians working remotely at their homes during the Covid-19 Pandemic, providing them with the benefits of a worksite wellness program has never been more important.

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs - Holsitic Health Coach

To have a deployed and operational WELLNESS program by a business is much more than a business offering to its employees a Health Benefit Plan through additional insurance coverage. It is also more than a standard Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with their crisis counsellors ready to accept a call from a distressed employee to provide immediate crisis assistance, and arrange for emotional health, addiction counseling or other matters. The Worksite Wellness programs are designed to bring wellness benefits to the workplace on an individual and corporate level, and into the homes of the employees. Ultimately, the Worksite Wellness Program contributes to the development of a wellness culture on a daily basis. By practicing wellness behaviors you have wellness in your life.

What can an employee think about its business owner who is interested in establishing a wellness program in the workplace? First, it shows that the business owner and their management team care for health of the staff and their wellbeing. Second, it provides the employees with a convenient platform to access a list of short-term and long-term health improvements arising from optimized management of lifestyle behaviors. The list of available wellness tools depends on our arrangement with the business owner.  When employees are healthier, the workplace is healthier and the cost of healthcare is reduced. Third, the sick-leaves, absenteeism from work, and work efficiency improves. This gives a lot of financial incentives to the owners of a business. Our Worksite Wellness Programs are customized to the needs of a specific business, particular work settings and chosen by the business owner/Management Team from options presented to them.


The employees of the enrolled business access the benefits of their Worksite Wellness using individual platform and specified wellness tools. A Wellness Program is administered and monitored with means to assess its effectiveness, direct and indirect wellness benefits, and ROI.

What aspects of the employee’s health and their immediate family are addressed by our Wellness Programs offered under an umbrella term “STEPS2WELLNESS”? The goals of the Programs are to:

  • Improve overall well-being,
  • Reduce stress in the workplace, home, and stress related to the Covid-19 Pandemic,
  • Improve physical health, especially in terms of risk reduction of chronic diseases and helping participants to improve management of chronic diseases by modification of their lifestyle behaviors,
  • Improve eating lifestyle habits,
  • Improve level of physical fitness,
  • Reduce on site-injuries,
  • Reduce sick-leave and work absenteeism in particular,
  • Provide tools and means to promote and deliver tobacco smoking cessation,
  • Provide tools and means to promote reduction in excessive alcohol consumption,
  • Provide tools and means to reduce excessive body weight.

A Wellness Program works well only when it is designed to address the needs and means of a particular business and its specific workplace characteristics and employee’s demographics, physical and emotional health characteristics and socio-economic situation.

For a business interested in developing a custom Wellness Program, our Team of the STEPS2WELLNESS will take time and make an effort to craft a customized program addressing the needs presented, and specific business and its employees’ particulars. Please contact us at   

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