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We are delighted to announce our Covid-19 programs and precautions. Our Health Coaching Company introduced a new program dedicated to guide Clients in acquiring new lifestyle habits towards reduction of risk for SEVERE OUTCOMES in the case of developing Covid-19 pneumonia. A recently published clinical study (ref. 1) reported that the most severe outcomes of Covid-19 pneumonia are experienced by persons with COMORBIDITIES (diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity with BMI > 40, hypertension, and heart failure). These four pre-existing conditions were responsible for almost 2/3 of all hospitalizations in the United States up to November 2020. 30% of these hospitalizations were related to obesity, 26% to hypertension, 21% to diabetes and 12% were related to heart failure. The authors of this remarkable study concluded that the hospitalizations might be prevented if the patients did not have one of these conditions and a 10% reduction in these four conditions would translate in a 11% reduction in the hospitalization.

With the strongly voiced postulate that much more effort is needed to assist people with any of these conditions in making behavioral lifestyle changes and reduce their risk of severe adverse outcomes when becoming ill with Covid-19 (ref. 1), Heavenly Health and Holistic Wellness Clinic developed a simple robust program to support Clients with any of these conditions to guide them towards improved management of them through behavioral habit changes.

What is the basis of our Covid-19 programs and precautions? The premise of the anticipated reduction of the risk for severe outcomes in Covid-19 infection is the assumption that by improving management of obesity (weight loss), hypertension (blood pressure reduction), diabetes mellitus (reduction of HbA1C and improvement in insulin sensitivity) and heart failure (reduction in blood pressure; weight loss) people will lower the risk of developing the severe outcomes IF they will become ill with Covid-19. As the behavioral changes are scientifically proven to lead to the improved management of hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus and heart failure, they also should prevent most severe cases of Covid-19 in patients with these comorbidities.

Thus, a dedicated program was created related to improved management of weight reduction, blood pressure, and blood glucose. It is based on implementing behavioral changes in nutrition and level of exercise to yield weight loss, and improved lifestyle over a 3-6 month coaching period. With coaching sessions once a week, the anticipated lifestyle behavior changes are attainable. As health coaching works by behavior habit modification, with an arranged monitoring and reporting system, the changes are likely to be long-lasting. The Clients who will reach their goals upon acquiring new healthy lifestyle habits are believed to continue having their risk of severe outcomes in Covid-19 infections reduced with ongoing continuation of the new healthy nutritional and exercise habits.

Again, a dedicated program to change lifestyle due to nutrition and exercise has been developed and is available upon signing to any Client who has been diagnosed with any of the key chronic conditions. The program encompasses lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and/or improve blood pressure and/or blood glucose control over the period of 3-6 months.

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covid-19 programs and precautions

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