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Started on June 25, 20241 - 6 Months

We offer coaching for a variety of conditions that will benefit the Client with
changes in their lifestyle (weight issues, stress, sleep, lack of energy, menopause),
or living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood
pressure, arthritis, and many more.

In addition, we coach people without specific health problems, but who have an overall desire to live healthier and feel better.

If you simply decided to have a fresh start, EAT HEALTHY and EXERCISE MORE, our
Coaches will assist you in this regard and guide you in your own journey towards
WELLNESS and HEALTH to live your life to your full potential and BE WELL AND

As Health and Holistic Wellness Coaches we consider complexities of
our Client’s life and circumstances.

We operate by deep discussion with our Clients
in a safe non-judgemental environment, with each Client being in the driver’s seat
and the Coach facilitating the process of self-discovery. We DO NOT prescribe
medication, sell supplements, provide medical advice or counseling.

We discuss all relevant issues, and we empower Clients to see themselves in a different light.
We are the guides collaborating with Clients find their pathway to healthier life.

To accommodate our Clients, we offer individual coaching face-to-face (currently
suspended due to Covid-19), and virtual (Zoom or FaceTime or by telephone).

Our services are bundled into a packages that are generally one month to six months in
length, with the option for extension.

To better understand our Clients needs and circumstances, we offer a free Discovery Session.

The Discovery Session allows the Client to present their concerns and to establish that Health and Wellness Coaching
will benefit them. It also helps the Coaches determine if they are a good fit with the Client and vise versa.

Moreover, the Discovery Session allows for discussion of expectations and design of the coaching Package. The contents of each program, and each session are tailored to the needs of each Client.

Interested? Have questions? Contact us for your FREE Discovery Session today!

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